June 18, 2024
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  • 8:08 pm A Fairy Tale For Our Times

By Nancy Stroupe

In watching over the last several years and especially the recent weeks of the election debacle, I am overwhelmed by the unapologetic evil of the new socialist left embodied by the progressive Democrat Party and the widespread manipulation of election numbers and rampant fraud. I have decided to do my part to help preserve our Constitutional Republic with its Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Long may it live!

November 16, 2020

On April 18, 2020, I created the following “fairy tale” and sent it to a conservative friend of mine. At the time, some of the tale was conjecture. However, in the seven months since I wrote the tale, the picture has become clearer and I really don’t need to change a thing. The only thing that remains to be decided is the ending.


What if:

. . . there were a doctor, we’ll call him Dr. X, who loved to play with viruses, especially those that could harm large populations?

. . . the thing he really liked to do was to modify those viruses to make them more and more dangerous by adding elements from perhaps HIV and/or Ebola?

. . . he gave the reason for his research as finding vaccines for those awful viruses, especially those in the Coronavirus family?

. . . this Doctor X held a senior position in the government-funded healthcare field?

. . . he were closely tied to one of our premier institutions of learning, possibly the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill?

. . . the government decided Doctor X’s research was just too dangerous because of the damage the modified virus could cause if it accidentally escaped the confines of the laboratory and so the government issued a mandate to cease all such research?

. . . Doctor X was not willing to stop his research, so he came up with a plan to pass on his virus and his research to a lab in China with which he was familiar and to work on arranging funding for this lab by the taxpayers in the United States and Canada?

. . . there were a very wealthy man, we’ll call him Mr. Doors, who felt the world had too many people to sustain and was noted for publicly expressing his views that ingredients could be added to vaccines that, over a number of years, would render the people who had taken them more susceptible to cancer, heart problems, and other life-threatening diseases?

. . . Mr. Doors and Dr. X were acquainted with each other because Dr. X was developing vaccines and Mr. Doors was providing funding for the development of vaccines and they shared a common mindset about vaccines and population control?

. . . all went well until one day the predicted accident happened and, because of lax security conditions (we’ll give this lab the benefit of the doubt, although it is by no means certain it was truly an “accident”), a worker was infected and he carried the highly contagious virus out of the Chinese lab and infected the people around him?

. . . the Chinese government, aware of the problem almost from Day One and resentful of the various tariffs and sanctions imposed upon China by the American president, saw the escape of the virus as a way to level the world playing field and decided against immediately notifying the rest of the world about a possible pending pandemic?

. . . the Chinese government, however, did close off domestic travel, but allowed its citizens to travel around the world spreading this virus while protecting its own country?

. . . because the world was not aware of the danger, the virus swiftly spread to all corners of the globe and people became ill and many died?

. . . by the time the other countries realized what was happening, containment was impossible and great fear spread among the masses?

. . . around the world and in the United States people were afraid of dying and were eager to comply with government directives even though it meant being ordered to remain in their houses, closing their businesses, and giving up their rights?

. . . in the United States and around the world there was a powerful group of people who were not fans of the American president and, although there was information to support a less serious view of the situation, they saw the crisis as a way to get rid of the president in the upcoming election if they could make him look inept?

. . . these people fought the president in every way they could, delaying needed monies, voicing constant complaints, controlling most of the mainstream media, and enlisting like-minded doctors who put even more fear in the hearts of the people?

. . . there was a task force created and, surprise, Dr. X was one of the members with his history of viral research and the world listened to his every word, including his downplaying of tried and tested medicines that were working and his optimism about the coming vaccines being developed by Mr. Doors’ funding?

. . . slowly dawning upon the people was the fact that the pandemic was nowhere near as bad as had been predicted, even when every cause of death was labeled “Coronavirus,” no matter what the actual cause was?

. . . the people, realizing that the economic shutdown was causing far worse problems than the pandemic had, held protests across the land demanding that the government end the shutdowns and let them go back to work?

. . . and the government dragged its feet, telling the people there was still much to fear and the miracle vaccines were coming soon?