June 18, 2024
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Our Country Has Developed Schizophrenia: Two Realities at Odds––and At War
By Nancy Stroupe (Originally published on 12/04/2020)

I have been watching the situation with the November election play out across the news media, both in the mainstream and in the alternative sources. I can only conclude that, depending on which sources you watch, your view of the country will either be the liberal left or the conservative right. The two views are extremely different.


In fact, the two vastly different realities have nothing in common and that is a major problem, especially for those of us who are trying to find a rational view of the present happenings. The view from the left holds that Biden won the election fairly and there is no election fraud at all. The mainstream media continues to report that this is the case and that Trump is the usurper/loser and should turn everything over to Biden, even before his term is up because he has done such an awful job. The mainstream media has cast Trump as the villain consistently over the past four years, as have the liberal members of Congress. He has been labeled a buffoon, a traitor, and a leader who has destroyed the country. Now his fight to expose the election fraud has been largely ignored and he has been labeled a “sore loser.” Many Democrats have bought the largely media-created image of Donald J. Trump. I’m sure many of them actually thought they were trying to rid the country of a man who was narcissistic and cared only about his own agenda. After all, that is the Donald Trump portrayed by the media.

One of my good friends recently told me that she voted for Biden and didn’t share my political views. Without thinking it through, I blurted out, “What? You are okay with late-term abortions and socialism? Really?”

“Late-term abortions and socialism? What are you talking about? Of course I am not okay with either one of those things!” she replied, indignantly.

Like many of our fellow countrymen, she had no idea, and she had done no research, about what Biden and Harris really believe and just what their platform entails.

The other reality is so very different. In this view, Donald Trump won the election in a landslide, with more votes than he garnered in 2016. The mainstream media, primarily owned by a small group of people, is stacked against Trump and against the Republicans and their reporting is, almost totally, completely biased. There was widespread election fraud and, when overwhelming evidence has been presented in the courts, judges paid off by George Soros and the Democrats have thrown out the cases without examining the evidence. The corruption is widespread and totally insidious in most parts of the country. Even the President has been belittled and told he has “no standing in the court.” There is a total shutout of the people seeking justice. In fact, these whistleblowers are in danger of, at the least, character assassination, and, at the most, actual assassination. Apparently, there is no longer recourse to tackle the mounting evidence of election fraud. And worse, the Chinese are very much involved, have been plotting the downfall of this great Republic for a number of years, and are even now bragging that there will be “no America left after the Covid lockdowns.”

Which one of these views is the correct one? I watch all media sources, both mainstream and alternative. I read everything I can get my hands on. Sadly, I no longer believe there is such a thing in the mainstream media as fair and unbiased reporting. I haven’t seen that sort of reporting in a long time. And then I try to come to my own conclusions based on all the information I can gather. So what do I think?

It is my opinion that Donald Trump won the 2020 election in what amounted to a landslide. It is also my opinion that the election was boldly and blatantly stolen by fraud in so many states. And you cannot now and never will convince me that more than half of American citizens voted for a senile old man who did no campaigning and a total socialist liberal whose approval rating is in the basement. I went to a Trump rally. I saw firsthand the passionate and patriotic outpouring of admiration, love, and respect for this man who has put his love of this Republic ahead of his own needs and desires––and personal comfort. I watched millions of people cheer for this president at rallies across the nation. I’ve never in my lifetime seen such patriotism. It did my heart good. This man DID NOT LOSE to the likes of Joe Biden.

I could go on about the socialist agenda for one world government to which both Biden and Harris ascribe, but that is a blog post for another day. Frankly, if you were one of the people who voted for Biden/Harris, I’d suggest you learn Chinese. Unless we can turn this whole agenda around, you’ll soon need it.

In various hearings in various states, I have watched as numerous affidavits have been introduced testifying (under oath) about election fraud and wrongdoing and I have also watched as left-leaning officials and judges have denigrated the witnesses and have thrown out the evidence as meaningless.

I suggest we have to rally and we have to fight. As Patriots, we have to do whatever it takes to ensure the survival of our Republic. Under the Declaration of Independence, it is not only our right but also our duty.

Who is with me?